Dobby furnishing fabrics

Typical features of dobby furnishing fabrics are plain weave, twill weave, satin and their derivations. The use of warping and weaving in various colours, thicknesses or material ingredients of particular yarn enables to obtain the desired appearance.

You can choose from our collection of upholstery fabrics:

  • raw/natural
  • unicolour made of dyed yarns or dyed in piece
  • warp or weft stripes
  • checks
  • combination of various kinds of effect yarns: chenille, slub yarns, boucle etc.
  • doublebeam – various types of yarn in the warp

Possibilities of finish of dobby furnishing fabrics:

  • no finish (so called loomstate)
  • steaming
  • tumbling
  • sanforization
  • brushing, sanding
  • stain repelent (TEFLON)
  • flameretardant finish
  • piecedyeing
  • washing