Jacquard furnishing fabric

The typical feature of jacquard furnishing fabrics is generally a bigger pattern , with several binding motives. Modern weaving looms with an electronic jacquard allow to achieve complicated patterns. Designers have the possibility to use these to obtain desired appearance of patterned fabrics:

  • unicolour without a pattern – binding textures
  • unicolour with a pattern – geometrical, floral, abstract
  • multicoloured with a pattern or without
  • combinations of various types of effect yarns: chenille, slubyarns, boucle etc.
  • coordinates

Possibilities of finish of dobby furnishing fabrics:

  • no finish (so called loomstate)
  • steaming
  • tumbling
  • sanforization
  • brushing, sanding
  • stain repelent (TEFLON)
  • flameretardant finish
  • piecedyeing
  • washing